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Chowin’ Down the Right Way: A Closer Look at Dog Food Options
Chowin’ Down the Right Way: A Closer Look at Dog Food Options
November 23, 2020 / Sarah Pritzker
Chowin’ Down the Right Way: A Closer Look at Dog Food Options
November 23, 2020 / Sarah Pritzker

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” – Elayne Boosler

The world has embraced the loving, non-judgemental, and unconditional bear hug that is being a dog owner. And as a good dog parent, you'll want to feed your pup the best diet for fueling that slobbering fun. From raw food delivery to dried, canned, and frozen alternatives, options abound in today's dog food market.

There are generally four types of dog food that you can find to fill your pantry with. Fresh dog food offers a boost of healthy and nutritious ingredients. Dry dog food can also be a good source of proper nutrition, depending on what type and quality you purchase. Canned dog food is a wet variety that many dogs prefer over the tough, dry kibble. Frozen dog food is also available in both raw and fresh varieties. The kibble variety is generally known as the 'fast food' option, fast and easy, but completely devoid of any nutritional value.

Decisions, Decisions

As you can see, there's no shortage of options available to you. So, the question for a caring pet parent has now become, which is the best type of food to serve your dog. The answer will, of course, depend on a variety of factors, including your dog's disposition, age, health status, activity level, and more. But there are some universal principles that any owner can apply when selecting the meal options for their pup. Let's break down some of the options.

A Closer Look: Fresh Food

Fresh food for dogs delivers the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. In fact, it’s been shown that adding fresh vegetables to your dog’s dish once a day can greatly improve their health. The best fresh dog food delivery services offer a variety of flavors to choose from and will give your pooch a well-balanced feeding at every meal. Most fresh dog food delivery services will even help you decide which is the best fresh dog food to feed your dog.

There's an important distinction to be made here. Raw and fresh are NOT the same thing when it comes to raw or fresh dog food delivery services. Raw means that the food hasn't been cooked at all. This can be a healthy diet for carnivorous dogs, but there are several issues. For one, many services that provide raw food delivery for dogs practice deceptive advertising. They write things on the labels like USA meat or meat from a USDA-certified factory. These are misleading slogans meant to confuse people into thinking they are buying USDA-certified meat when they're not.

Another issue that you'll find even with the best raw dog food delivery services is freshness and preservability. While a raw diet might be healthy for your dog, it's difficult to maintain on a constant basis. Keeping meats fresh is challenging, especially if you have limited fridge space. When raw dog food deliveries are not kept fresh, they can be contaminated with harmful pathogens, including e Coli and salmonella. So, even the best raw dog food can be extremely dangerous for both humans and dogs if not handled properly.

Fresh, on the other hand, means the ingredients used are current, non-processed, and don’t include the junk that goes into mass-produced products. The best fresh dog food delivery services use only real ingredients, fruits, vegetables, human-grade proteins, and absolutely no preservatives, additives, hormones, or chemicals.

Research shows that both fresh and raw dog food diets are equally and significantly better for your animals than processed food diets. And since cooked food is easier to maintain, it’s the obvious choice.

A Closer Look: Dry Food

Dry dog food avoids the problems of immediate usage and reduces the chances of spoilage. But there is a big problem with the typical, processed dry food called kibble. The minute you open a bag of this dry dog food, the fats in the food start to go rancid. With time, your dog will consume this rancid food and may suffer from vitamin and protein deficiencies as a result.

Regular dried dog food (i.e., kibble) has a whole slew of other issues, as well. It’s made from feed-grade ingredients (that means diseased, non-USDA certified meats), chemicals and carcinogens, additives, and preservatives that could actually kill your dog. Even if your dog is hearty enough to stay alive, kibble has several other negative side effects, including unhealthy weight gain or loss, dried out and irritated skin, allergies, irritated digestive tract, and increased cancer-producing cells.

Our Top 3 Pet Food Services

Our Top Choice
4022 Excellent reviews on

In a Nutshell

Ollie is a pet food delivery service with healthier alternatives to the mass-produced, byproduct filled dog food you're used to. Meals offer nutrition on a whole new level, including human-grade ingredients only, nutritionally-balanced meals, and whole foods with every bite. Ollie creates visible differences quickly, like a shinier coat, more energy, and fewer food sensitivities. With free shipping and 60% off your first order, Ollie is a bargain.


  • 60% OFF your first box
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Vet-formulated & personalized meals
  • 100% Satisfied or money-back guarantee
  • Flexible, regular delivery schedule


  • Vet-formulated, personalized meals for your dog
  • Human-grade ingredients, freshly cooked recipes
  • Free two-day shipping


  • No a la carte ordering
  • Only available for dogs
4022 Excellent reviews on
1131 Excellent reviews on

In a Nutshell

Founded by two dog-lovers, The Farmer's Dog was launched to give pet parents a better alternative to the highly-processed, unappetizing, and wholly unnatural dog food options that were on the market at the time. Today, The Farmer's Dog offers human-grade meals that are nutritionally balanced for dogs. So, they're delicious and nutritious, giving your dogs the best of all worlds. The Farmer's Dog meals are made fresh and delivered to your door.


  • 60% OFF your first order
  • Personalized meal plans for your dog's needs
  • Quick frozen meals for extra freshness
  • Vet-approved with human-grade ingredients
  • Pause or cancel at anytime


  • Only real foods, human-grade
  • USDA-kitchens for safety and quality
  • Meals are all AAFCO, vet-approved


  • Limited selection of recipes
  • Packages can’t be resealed
1131 Excellent reviews on
381 Excellent reviews on

In a Nutshell

The Pets Table is a good choice for pet parents who want a personalized meal plan to keep their dog healthy without breaking the bank. It ships to all 48 contiguous US states and features a 100% money-back guarantee. The food is made with high-quality ingredients, full of vitamins and minerals, and doesn’t have any fillers. There are several meals to choose from, and vets review and approve all recipes.


  • Human-grade fresh & air-dried options
  • Added postbiotic to support gut health
  • On-staff Board Certified Vet Nutritionist®


  • Food made with high-quality ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No fillers in the food
  • Several food options and plans to choose from


  • No raw food options
  • No treats, supplements, or additional products
381 Excellent reviews on

A Closer Look: Fresh Dried Food

On the other hand, the best dry dog food is made from premium quality ingredients and is only dried to preserve the flavor and freshness of the food. These are not anything like their kibble counterparts and meet or exceed industry standards for quality and nutritional value.

The best tasting dry dog food is probably Spot & Tango. Then again, Spot & Tango is probably the best dry dog food brand, in general. It uses 100% whole foods, was developed by veterinary nutritionists, and is gently dried at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

Bottom line, fresh is always better. It delivers the greatest amount of nutritional value per ounce, is most easily digested, and has the fewest issues when it comes to maintaining its freshness.

But what is the best fresh dog food or fresh dog food delivery out there? That’s tough to say because there are several good options. From Nom Nom Now to Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog, there are several great contenders for winner of the best fresh dog food delivery service.

What’s more, the right fresh dog food delivery service for one family might not be the right fit for another one. For example, the best dry food for small dogs might not be the same as the best dry dog food for senior dogs.

Here are several things to keep in mind when hunting for the right dog food for your pooch:


Does your dog have any allergies to consider? Many processed dog foods have loads of junk in it that can actually trigger allergies in dogs. If you are concerned that your pup has an allergy, take them to the vet to have them tested. Then, look for a dog food that doesn't contain that ingredient.

Sensitive stomach

Even if your pup isn’t allergic to something, there are plenty of ingredients that can wreak havoc on a sensitive stomach. From genetically-engineered corn, wheat, and other grains to chemicals and additives that can literally tear up the inside of your dog’s digestive tract, there are plenty of reasons to stay away from kibble.

Fortunately, the best fresh dog food doesn’t have any of that garbage. Fresh, real foods are definitely the best dry dog food for picky eaters or sensitive stomachs.

Skin issues

Another common condition caused by poor-quality dog food is skin irritations. From rashes to overall dryness, dogs can suffer incredibly from the low-moisture content of processed foods. Look for a dog food with lots of water content so that it will be easily digested and keep your dog’s skin, fur, and insides well hydrated.

Expiration date & storage

Most people think that kibble is the winner if you’re looking for long-lasting dog food. But that’s actually not the case. As we mentioned, kibble contains fats that quickly putrefy upon opening. So, as soon as you open that giant bag of dried, processed foods, the ticking time bomb begins. If you’re looking for long expiration date options, the best dry dog food for dogs is one that contains real ingredients and is slowly dried out for storage purposes.

Storage is a major factor for pet parents. Many people don’t have room to store those big bags of dried foods. We've already explained why bulk packages of processed food is not a good idea. But there are other options for dry dog food that are healthy. Alternatively, you can buy frozen dog food and keep meals in the freezer for months. If you have this storage space, this is a great option.


Price will naturally factor into any decision we make as a consumer. But were you aware that you can purchase fresh, human-grade, all-natural meals for your dogs for less than $2 a plate? With subscription plans, you can save even more.

Expected effects

But most of all, you’ll want to look at the expected effects the food will have on your pup. The best fresh dog food delivery services have proven to provide the best results for your dog, including a shinier coat, healthier skin, better breath, better bowel movements, healthier weight maintenance, healthier digestion, longer life expectancy, higher levels of energy, and happier pups all around.

Get the Best Dog Food For Your Best Friend

Really, the best fresh dog food delivery service is the one that works for your dog. Remember, even pups have their own personalities and tastes. Our suggestion? Try out a few fresh food for dogs delivery services. Most have good subscription plans that let you pause, skip, or cancel any time. Then, see how your dog responds. The best fresh dog food delivery service for you is the one your pooch loves to eat.

By Sarah Pritzker
Sarah Pritzker is a professional writer who loves scouring the web looking for the coolest products and services at the best prices. Sarah writes for Sarah has lived and traveled all over the world, but has finally settled down with her family in the Middle East - and yes, she misses winter!
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